Cheers and Happy Christmas

I went out with my work mates the other night, Thursday it was to be specific. As usual, I snapped away a bit afterwards. I can’t really work like this when I’m in company, non-photographers would find it too embarrassing.  Also, I wouldn’t pay much attention to my company either this way, would I? So, when the others had left, I pulled forth my trusty rangefinder and spent another hour in the area before I walked home. I kept a few in colour, because I have learnt to really like it, to mix in some colour ones among the monochromes. So far, I’ve only used colour for scenes without people, but this time, I couldn’t resist also process a photo of a young woman this way. It was just sooo much better in colour, in my opinion, that say. Well, cheers and happy Christmas to you all!

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