In search of the poetry

This weekend, I’ve been to a four-day workshop held by the Swedish photographer Martin Bogren; which was exactly what I didn’t need, as well as what I badly needed. The weekend has been like that, coloured in harmonic contradictions; pains and joy blended into a light and shadow play, resonating, taking me to a state-of-mind where I  know what I have to do. And I hate it. I hate imagery, I hate poetry, what it makes with me, how it brings me closer to this World.

The location of the workshop, Linus Höök’s extraordinary Studio Tintin, a rebuilt tugboat from 1912.

We worked on personal projects throughout the workshop, images that were concluded in a slideshow on the last day. I chose to be at Café Ariman in Lund, a bar I visit regularly when in need for being outdoor, reading, writing or just thinking. I have been photographing the place and people before, with quite an ease in fact. If I saw an image, I captured it in a photograph, or wrote about it. This time, I had to look for images three successive nights, turning out to be an almost unbearable pain. I was searching instead of letting it come to me.

Yet, I heard the angels twice. Once immediately after hearing the shutter an hour along my first night at Ariman, and once at the workshop. Martin Bogren understands this, how poetry and imagery blends into photographs we make, how to encourage searching minds in creating poetry to our eyes. I’m so happy I got to participate, and of course, completely mad, too.

Following, are the images I chose to include in the slideshow, enjoy or suffer, you choose. 🙂

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