Oh my

If ‘86 was a bad year, ’87 was even worse. Only two rolls of b&w film, one of them spoiled due to having been poorly rinsed. Yes, this photo comes from that roll. I was really tired of my life here.

Tired of seeing

This frame is one of the first ones I captured in 1987, and the scene is a good summary of my impression from the scanned negatives of the previous year, when nothing really seemed to make a permanent impact on me. I have memories, but nothing of this really translated into interesting photographs. I must have been tired.

A postcard

(Oh, how lovely wasn’t that HP5 grain when being pushed)
This is were I was two weeks ago, on that workshop. And 26 years ago. In fog, when the sun hardly makes its way up, it still look the same. As I do.
Greetings from another place.


When I grew up, we had a boat like this. I enjoyed it very much, at the same time as I envied all that had plastic boats. I never understood, not until my 20s, that this was better. About better. This is Kodak Panatomic-X, a 32 ASA film. I’m just saying it, my goodness… I doubt my full frame Sony (25 Mpixels) even come close to this detail. Pretty cool! 🙂

The tube

1985, another landmark in my 80s. As I remember it, I stayed under ground for the entire year. My job at the time was to change fluorescent tubes on every subway station in Stockholm. Even if this job only lasted for a year, it came to symbolize the entire decade to me. I call it my “fluorescent tube blues”.

Being part

I’m in 1984 now, a rather difficult year to me. The people I hang with were not role models in society, and I really didn’t like being part. I included this photo in the set that I showed Anders Petersen, because it meant something to me. He liked it, much because of the hidden faces. I like it because of the ambiguous feelings it stirs up in me. One side of me wanted to be part, another to be invisible or just far away.


This is after a festival, on the way home. My friend is a bit stupid here, facing a vehicle while it’s approaching him… Not that I remember, but the other frames filled in the blanks for me.

I scanned four rolls today, and there were many interesting frames, not too different from what I would have photographed today, to be honest. That’s perhaps not so good. 🙂 Anyway, this frame and a few others suggested I was experimenting a bit with multiple exposures that summer (it’s still ‘83), and I had completely forgotten about it. This is interesting. Apparently, I didn’t get very impressed from the results since I shortly thereafter abandoned the technique. Today, I rather think the opposite, the result is very expressive. I love this image!

Early composition

I just scanned one film today, and there were no frames that really jumped on me but this one. It made me curious because it stood out from the others. Is this a classic composition? I can assure, I didn’t know about such things, those days.

Same week

This is evoking, to see all these images again. He in the picture, Adrian, was my best friend at the time. This is from a queue to the get tickets to a David Bowie concert. We camped outside the gates for a few days to acquire these.