I make images

You don't get a lot of time to explain what you mean.

The right illustration stimulates the imagination. It makes specialists fill in the details and generalists see the big picture.

You have to get your point across and make it real.

A story that makes the abstract concrete increases understanding: Explain your idea in real-world parallels that are relevant to your audience.

You need an efficient illustrator and wordsmith.

Whether your business is toasters or time machines, I will get to their core and present them in their very best light.

Because your business deserves the best

The illustrations I make go hand-in-hand with the words I write. I know how to explain complicated features and benefits simply and to produce visuals that emphasise the details that matter.

About me

I work with corporate clients to visually communicate complex information. I accept assignments worldwide. Get in touch to enquire about pricing and availability.

+46 761 442 051

I have offered illustration and writing services since 2007. With 10 years of prior experience in developing and marketing software for mobile phones, I have gained valuable experience in how to get a point across, and how to sell an idea to a technology buyer.


This is me